Many coronavirus contingency plans require remote work

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Are you reading this sitting in your work-from-home office space? Due to the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), remote work is suddenly a new option for many employees, and some an overnight requirement. Few organizations feel prepared for large-scale remote work, but you can take steps to make the experience productive both for yourself and your employees. We are here to help you prepare and support your success!

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While you probably weren’t expecting your entire workforce to be working from home so suddenly, people have been working remote more and more. Now is a good time to make sure you have what you need in place to ensure success and keep your business thriving through the current situation, as well as potential telecommuting in the future. For a free evaluation to assess your company’s ability to work remote, give our technical team a call on 020-8912-5826 or send us an email at [email protected].

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