eCommerce Return Management

JPTs eCommerce return management is actually rather simple, With thousands of retailers using platforms such as amazon & ebay  you company does a great job in sales, sourcing goods, customer service, branding etc. There is one step that retailers find very difficult and tend to get messy and that is returns! Your team may not be trained to diagnose the returns, open each package, assess the real condition, check the issues the customer stated is correct, repackage the goods or even reselling them. Most retailers end up taking a loss on their returns and spend to much valued time dealing with them.  

Here is a detailed video of what JPT can do to assist your businesses, Don’t forget the service is tailored to your business requirements so you may not want to use all our services or you may have some ideas as to how we can adapt to maximise profits for your business, watch our video and feel free to get in contact with a specialist that can help you out today. 

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